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List of Public Drafts

FHISO is currently working towards a suite of standards covering citations and legacy data formats. We are happy to announce that several drafts have reached the point where we would like to encourage comment and feedback from interested parties. The tsc-public mailing list is the preferred place for discussing this work.

Extended Legacy Format (ELF)

Extended Legacy Format (ELF): Serialisation Format

This standard defines a file format that is fully compatible with GEDCOM, but with the addition of a structured, IRI-based extensibility mechanism which will be used in other FHISO specifications.

Extended Legacy Format (ELF): Data Model

This standard reformulates the tags of the lineage-linked GEDCOM form as an ELF data model, in the process clarifying its ambiguities and documenting best current practice.

Citation Elements

Citation Elements: General Concepts

This standard defines the general concepts used in FHISO's suite of Citation Elements standards, and the basic framework and data model underpinning them.

Read the latest public draft or download as a PDF.
Citation Elements: Bindings for RDFa

This standard defines a means by which citation elements may be identified and tagged using RDFa attributes within HTML and XML formatted citations, allowing an application to extract them in a systematic manner.

Read the latest public draft or download as a PDF.
Citation Elements: Bindings for ELF

This standard defines how citation elements should be represented in FHISO's Extensible Legacy Format (ELF), a format based on and compatible with GEDCOM, but with the addition of a new extensibility mechanism.

Citation Elements: Bindings for GEDCOM X

This standard defines extensions to the GEDCOM X data model and its JSON and XML serialisations to allow citation elements to be represented in GEDCOM X.

Citation Elements: Vocabulary

This standard defines a collection of citation elements allowing the representation of information normally found in formatted citations to diverse types of source.

General Utility Standards

Basic Concepts for Genealogical Standards

This standard defines various low-level concepts, including those to relating to FHISO's use of strings and IRIs, that will be used in many FHISO standards and whose definitions do not logically belong in any one particular higher-level standard.

Simple Triples Discovery Mechanism

This standard defines a simple, general-purpose discovery mechansim which provides a means for internet-connected applications to access information on any unfamiliar third-party extensions which they may encounter.

Creative Commons License

All FHISO standards and draft standards are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.