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Approved by the TSC on 16 February 2016; updated by the TSC on 8 June 2017.

Technical Priorities

This document is intended to summarize the current vision of the Technical Standing Committee regarding the immediate priorities of technical work. It may be updated and changed from time to time as resources, opportunities, perspective, and personnel change. It is in many respects a summary of the larger technical strategy document.

Scope vs. Priority

In agreement with the FHISO bylaws, the TSC considers all areas where technology and family history intersect and standards may be appropriate to be within the scope of the TSC. However, as that scope far exceeds immediate resources, the TSC suggests priorities that focus on a smaller subset of that scope at any given time.

If a group desires to work on some task within FHISO’s scope but not in line with current priorities, as outlined in this document, they are encouraged to contact the TSC. Interest and resources becoming available will generally cause a new topic to become one of the present priorities.

Current priorities

The following have been identified by the TSC as the current priorities:

  1. Produce a framework and conceptual model for citation elements, and a vocabulary identifying the various descriptive elements that might reasonably be needed in the algorithmic construction of citations to family history or genealogical sources.

  2. Define serialisations for citation elements in GEDCOM 7 and in GEDCOM X, and a means of tagging citation elements in HTML.

  3. Produce a source derivation vocabulary.

  4. Remain engaged in the GEDCOM steering committee and represent the interests of open standards there.

Want to know more? Read our technical strategy document.