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Technical Work

FHISO's mission is to develop open and international standards to benefit the genealogical community.

The FHISO Technical Standing Committee (TSC) is responsible for coordinating the organisation's technical work through an open, consensus-based, collaborative standards process.

With the consent of the Board, work is proceeding under a simplified governance structure, with much of the structure described in the TSC charter and operations & policy manual having been suspended. Technical work is proceeding as a committee of the whole supervised by the TSC.

At present the TSC has two members: Luther Tychonievich is the TSC Coordinator, and Richard Smith is TSC Co-Coordinator. We can be contacted by email at

Get involved

We welcome participation from anyone, whether or not a member of FHISO, who is willing to abide by our code of conduct.

Keep in touch

We recommend that all interested parties subscribe to the tsc-announce mailing list, which is a read-only low volume list where technical announcements are posted by the TSC.

Join the work

Current priorities for technical work are outlined in the priorities document and discussed in detail in the strategy document. Both documents are subject to change as opportunities, resources, and member interest change.

Per our interim structure, technical work is proceeding as a committee of the whole. The tsc-public mailing list is the primary means for communicating in this work.

Comments on paper submissions, the work of the TSC, and the creation of future technical groups are also all welcome on the tsc-public mailing list.

Submit papers

The FHISO is operating a call for papers. This is our preferred means of receiving technical proposals, suggestions for functional requirements, or other detailed comment of the technical work of the TSC. In due course we aim to consider all the suggestions made in these papers and respond to them, but this will take time.

Contribute to our bibliography

We are maintaining an informal bibliography of material that might be useful to our standardisation work. Please email with suggestions of what else should be included.