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Data Models

List of resources for published genealogical data models. Each entry, below, can be linked directly by using a URL with a trailing 'fragment identifier' (e.g. The identifier names are, by default, the lower-cased headings with spaces replaced with hyphens (e.g. #event-gedcom).


"DeadEnds Data Model", BetterGEDCOM wiki (

"Other Documents", ( -- Various documents for DeadEnds model and the LifeLines product.

"The DeadEnds Data Model", ( -- Recent (Sep 2014) update by the author (Tom Wetmore) given that the other online documentation is now quite old.

Event Gedcom

"Event GEDCOM", BetterGEDCOM wiki (

FSDN Model

"FSDN Model", BetterGEDCOM wiki (


"GEDCOM", FamilySearch Developers ( -- V5.5 and V5.5.1 specifications

"Original GEDCOM Data Model", BetterGEDCOM wiki (,

"FamilySearch GEDCOM Specifications", Modern Software Experience ( -- Older specification documents.


"GEDCOM X", ( -- Specification.

GedML Format

"GedML Data Format", BetterGEDCOM wiki (


"Genealogical Data Model", NGS ( -- Specification.

"GenTech Data Model", BetterGEDCOM wiki (


"GenXML", BetterGEDCOM wiki (


"Gramps 4.1 Wiki Manual", Gramps project ( -- User Manual.

NB: Majority of online material is for 4.0 rather than the latest 4.1.

"Using database API", Gramps Project ( -- Database API.

"RELAX NG schema", Gramps Project (

"Document Type Definition (DTD)", Gramps Project (

"Dates", Gramps project ( -- Date handling.

"GEPS 021: Additional Name Fields", Gramps Project ( -- Gramps Enhancement Proposal to add new fields to the name object so as to better store a person's name for several cultures.

"Hierarchical Place Structure", Gramps Project ( -- Description of hierarchical approach to handling place entities.

"Gramps Data Model", BetterGEDCOM wiki (


"OpenGen Data Model", BetterGEDCOM wiki (


"Mike's Model", BetterGEDCOM wiki (


"STEMMA Project", Parallax View ( -- Specification and several case studies.