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Call For Papers

Members of the full international community are invited to submit written proposals for contributions to the FHISO standards development process.

Papers may be of many types, including technical proposals, descriptions of functional requirements, or descriptions of entire areas that need standardisation. The more formally they are presented, and the better they are organized, then the easier it will be for them to be assimilated and indexed. This also applies to the subject matter of each proposal which should be focused on a single topic or concept.

Papers may use any appropriate organisation and be submitted in any standard file format; each will be reviewed for clarity and converted to a portable format (most commonly PDF) by a volunteer before being made public.

Each paper should open with a brief abstract or summary. A standard cover page will be added automatically after submission and before posting. Examples can be found on the list of papers received.

If proposals are submitted in a language other than English then the author should coordinate with FHISO to generate an English translation of it; both the translation and the original document will be published.

FHISO members may submit comments on papers; these should be formatted like, and will be published along with, the papers. Formal comments are encouraged over private discussions and emails, as private communications will not be available to technical committees and the broader public. Comments should be of a helpful or constructive nature as a professional courtesy.

Each submitted paper will be checked by volunteers and then posted for public viewing and commenting.

Submitters of papers are natural candidates for inclusion in technical committees and working groups and may be contacted directly for potential participation.

Questions about paper submission may be directed to Common questions might also be found at the Call For Papers Frequently Asked Questions.

Click here to submit a paper.