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Call For Papers FAQ

Welcome to the Family History Information Standards Organisation Call For Papers answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

What are these papers for?

They are a place to propose ideas relating to family history standards. They are not themselves standards or in any way endorsed by FHISO. Their purpose is explained in more detail in the Call.

Additional avenues for sharing ideas will become available as the standards development process matures.

Some CFPS numbers don’t appear in the list. Why?

The numbers are unique but not dense. A number is generated for every submission, including submissions that are canceled before they reach us and submissions for new versions of old papers.

For example, number 1 was generated for an internal test submission; number 39 was generated for an update of CFPS 6; and number 76 was generated by someone filling out the submission form but not actually submitting the paper to FHISO.

What happens to a paper I submit?

First it is reviewed by an editor. The editor will either send an email with suggested improvements or will continue with the posting process.

Each paper is assigned a unique Call For Papers Submission number (or CFPS number). The paper is converted to PDF if necessary and a cover page is generated and attached to the PDF. The PDF is uploaded with two names: cfpsY.pdf and cfpsY_vX.pdf where Y is the CFPS number and X is a version number. The paper is then added to the list of papers on the FHISO website.

Who can submit a paper?
Right now, anyone. There has been some talk of eventually restricting submissions to FHISO members, but for now it is open to anyone who has an idea to submit.
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