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Structure of Technical Work

It has come to the attention of the Board and TSC that

The TSC thus proposes that we adopt a much less structured, more volunteer-based process. In particular, we propose the following:

  1. The structure of the TSC itself will be subject to changes in the bylaws, which are anticipated; until such time as the bylaws change and/or bylaws-specified votes for officers happen, it will continue as presently constituted.

  2. Technical work at FHISO will be dissolved into a committee of the whole. Technical priority and direction will be determined by the TSC, taking into consideration external opportunities, internal interest, and available resources. Any willing participant may join the conversation and participate in the creation of technical standards.

  3. Individuals may be given roles within the technical process and will be considered to have ownership of their roles’ assigned scope provided they remain active in fulfilling those roles. Silences or non-participation may be deemed sufficient reason to reassign or bypass roles.

  4. In interest of transparency, a good-faith effort will be made to log and post an executive summary of major decisions and other technical progress. Suggestions on how this ought to be done are welcome.

  5. Outputs of technical work will be placed before the entire FHISO membership for vote before being accepted as a standard, and will only be accepted as a standard upon both (a) consensus of those technical participants active in its development and (b) majority approval of those FHISO members voting on it.

These guidelines of action supersede the TSC Charter and TSC O&PM until such time as FHISO’s structure is revised.