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Directives of the Technical Project Team

This is a draft that has not been approved by the Technical Standing Committee.


The Board and Technical Standing Committee (TSC) have determined that while FHISO remains at its current size, in order to simplify FHISO’s governance, technical work will be dissolved into a committee of the whole under the leadership of the TSC. For the purpose of the Operations and Policy Manual (O&PM) and Charter, this committee of the whole is a Project Team called the Technical Project Team (TPT). It is tasked with carrying out project development work, as defined in §1.3 of the O&PM, into such areas as the TSC shall from time to time determine.


When the TSC approves a new project proposal, it may assign the associated project development work to the TPT. Often the project proposal will take the form of one or more First Public Draft produced during the exploratory phase, and the focus of the project development phase will be to turn these into a Proposed Standard that can be put to a vote of the FHISO membership to become a FHISO Standard. The process may also include the production of executive summaries, additional documentation, test suites, sample code and other such material that will not consistute a normative part of the eventual FHISO Standard. All deliverables produced by the TPT should conform to the guidance in §5 of the O&PM.

Any willing participant may participate in the work of the TPT via the mailing list. Technical priority and direction will be determined by the TSC, taking into consideration external opportunities and available resources, as well as opinions expressed on tsc-public.

The TSC, or one or more Editor appointed by the TSC, shall be responsible for maintaining all deliverables produced by the TPT. The development copies of deliverables should be kept in one of FHISO’s Github repositories, and should conform to the Technical Style Guide and other technical policies. From time to time as significant changes are completed, Public Drafts will be issued, normally in both HTML and PDF form, and placed on the list of Public Drafts on FHISO’s website.

The TSC, or one or more Recorder appointed by the TSC, will make a good-faith effort to log and post an executive summary of major decisions and other technical progress.


The TSC shall collectively act as Coordinator of the TPT.

Any Member or Associate of FHISO who participates in the work of the TPT, including through discussion on the tsc-public mailing list, shall be deemed a member of TPT.

Individuals may be given roles within the technical process and will be considered to have ownership of their roles’ assigned scope provided they remain active in fulfilling those roles. Silences or non-participation may be deemed sufficient reason to reassign or bypass roles.